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GECO is proud to affordably advance the technologies that enable our nation’s most strategically important defense programs. We do this by designing and manufacturing embedded software and hardware solutions required for connected aircraft ― manned and unmanned ― and aerospace platforms that require advanced avionics technologies to achieve mission objectives. GECO innovations are proven on platforms ranging from missiles and gunships to helicopters and tankers. We invite you to learn more about our capabilities, growth and successes on this website, or speak with us directly.

Ready for the Fight

Improving warfighter capabilities and readiness are top priorities for the U.S. Armed Forces, and they are GECO’s priorities, too. In many cases, avionics are central to modernizing an aircraft or expanding the capability of a weapons system. And while requirements are nearly unlimited — budgets are not.

John McCain holding a GECO prototype.

Affordable Avionics

For more than 20 years, GECO has been designing and manufacturing hardware and software for a wide range of critical aerospace environments — affordably.

When our aerospace and defense customers need help solving operational challenges and addressing future priorities, GECO responds with innovative answers on time and on budget. And everything we develop, from cutting-edge mission processers…to configurable touch displays…to secure video processing is designed for excellence and for cost.

FACE Principles

FACEGECO’s commitment to affordable innovation is evident in its active participation in the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Consortium. The Open Group FACE™ Consortium is a government and industry partnership that provides standardized, open approaches for defining the avionics environment for military airborne platforms. GECO has adopted FACE principles and best practices to improve and standardize software standards in ways that will promote reuse in ways that will enhance aircraft capability and affordability. The FACE Technical Standard is focused on making military computing operations more robust, interoperable, portable and secure. GECO shares those and supports those standards in everything we do.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

GECO’s steadfast commitment to design for excellence and cost is opening new doors and opportunities to support strategic programs and priorities for the U.S. Army and other customers. Most notable is a $7.4 million contract to develop hand controllers that will allow operators to control any tactical UAS with a single, universal device. GECO will be providing essential ground control system hardware and software to enable secure communications while simplifying and automating the controllers. GECO will also manufacture 15 units for two models of tactical handheld unmanned aerial systems. Read More